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  • Ever wondered why bouncing back feels so challenging? 

  • Are setbacks leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stuck?

  • Curious about turning adversity into personal strengths?

  • Feeling lost in the maze of career choices?

  • Wondering how to overcome career roadblocks?


  • I’ve been there and experienced deep despair.

  • As a child refugee coming to the U.S. alone, I deeply understand the power of resilience.

About Nhi

Welcome to the Inspire and Thrive Experience


TEDx Speaker, Mediator, and Author Nhi Aronheim stands at only four feet, nine inches tall, but her story is immense.

Several anthologies including Colorado Public Radio (CPR), Jewish News, and Harvey Brownstone Interviews (Canadian Show) have profiled her harrowing journey as a child refugee who escaped war-torn Vietnam in search of the American Dream.


Her memoir Soles of a Survivor has been featured in various media, such as the Denver Post, Westword Newspaper, Wicked (in Massachusetts), Hadassah Magazine, and the cover of Colorado Country Life magazine.

Nhi’s diverse background is captivating. As a refugee, she was adopted by a Christian family in the South. She later met and married a Jewish man and converted to Judaism in 2004. Nhi has two beautiful children who she has raised to embrace Vietnamese and Jewish cultures. After transitioning to sales and marketing in the mortgage industry—where Nhi worked for over sixteen years—she retired as a marketing specialist at the age of forty-one to begin her next life adventure. Since then, she has been a speaker, mediator, author, and volunteers her time as a mediator for the Better Business Bureau.

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Join me on this empowering journey and rewrite your resilience story!


Let’s turn adversity into your greatest strength! Discover strategies to navigate challenges with ease and transform setbacks into steppingstones and emerge stronger than ever. I’ve learned that cultivating resilience will eventually lead you to achieve your dreams. 

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Her resilience and path to a new life should give us hope that the same path is possible for others.

Michael J. Nyenhuis, President and CEO, UNICEF USA


Nhi's Talks

Welcome to the Inspire and Thrive Experience

Bounce Back Stronger: Mastering Resilience through Adversity

Join me at “Bounce Back Stronger” to hear warm and personal stories about how you can unravel the secrets of resilience. The audience will leave with an inspiration to turn adversity into their greatest strength! 

Learning objectives: 
•    Discover the 3 practical strategies to navigate challenges with ease.
•    Learn to embrace your adversity so you can have peace.
•    How to transform setbacks and adversity into your strength.



It’s time to rewrite your resilience story—join me on this empowering journey!

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Navigating Your Professional Odyssey

Join me and hear some warm and personal stories about the process of discovering our passion and pathway toward our dreams. The audience will leave feeling empowered with a clearer vision in how to navigate their professional journey.

Learning objectives:
•    Discover actionable insights and strategies to reignite your professional passion.
•    How to overcome career roadblocks.
•    How to turn uncertainty into clarity.


Harmony at Heart - The Art of Conflict Resolution

Join us to hear Mediator and Author, Nhi Aronheim sharing some warm, personal, and shocking stories about the conflicts she has experienced as a Mediator and how she’s helped parties resolve their disputes. Nhi will take you on a journey sharing with you how you can deal with any arising conflicts so that you can bid farewell to sleepless nights, rewrite the script of your conflicts, and embrace a life of harmony.

Learning objectives:
•    Discover how to turn clashes into conversations and disagreements into understanding. 
•    Learn practical strategies to navigate conflicts with finesse. 
•    How to bring tranquility back into your relationships. 

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